About Tracy


BHC-222My Nutritional Therapist  came into being in 2005.
After graduating from Nutrition School, I felt it was time to come into the modern world with a website.

I came into this world in Oklahoma, and as a small child moved to Hawai’i, I am a true blend of “Southern Aloha”. In 1978 I came to Oregon to visit a long time friend, and how fate will have it, I met my husband and my visit has turned into a 40 year adventure with the love of my life Mark Bosnian.

Because I am a product of the 60’s, my love of “living naturally” came easily.  I began to learn and use herbal medicine at 14 years old. That love has never faded, to this day I love to learn more about the plants that grace my life. My studies lead me to study with many wonderful teachers, all of which have helped to shape my knowledge and practice. I went from being a sweet little hippie herbalist to teaching at the Naturopathic College in Portland, Oregon. I also had the honor of working in their pharmacy for many years as well. While both of these experiences were geared towards me teaching, I learned daily from the students and other teachers. Another one of my greatest joys was the experience of working on the Breitenbush Herbal Conference for close to 20 years, many of those years as one of the organizers of the conference.

My love of herbal medicine is great, but I still felt like something was missing. Now, if you knew me you would know that the only thing I love better than medicinal herbs (along with my husband & little dog) is food!!!  Cooking and feeding people are such a joy for me. In 2005 I went on to become a Nutritional Therapist (NTP). I got my training at a great school, The Nutritional Therapy Association. In fact I liked the school so much I went on to be a teaching assistant as well as being on their board of directors for several years. This training filled a big gap for me.  But yet there was still something missing. In early 2015 I graduated from yet another amazing program, the Food & Spirit Program, with Dr Deanna Minich, becoming a Food & Spirit Certified Practitioner (FSCP). This program brought not only more wonderful training with food and diet, but the emotional aspect as well, along with the added bonus of how important color is in our diets and lives. This created the three legged stool that makes my training such a stable and strong base for what I bring to you here at, My Nutritional Therapist.