As a Nutritionist, Herbalist and Food & Spirit Practitioner,  I will guide you towards better and healthier eating habits and well being.  I find that doing this work is like being your own personal detective. We will hunt down and figure out what you are eating that is not working for your body.  We will find ways to bring a sense of peace to new ways of eating. After all, we are all very special individuals and no two of us are alike in our needs. All of our plans are catered to your own special needs.

Wellness Package
I find that by just seeing you once we don’t get the whole story. So in order to get the best picture of what is going on, I recommend that we see each other for 3 visits.  In the first visit we will go over your Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) and Food Journal as well as a Food & Spirit Questionnaire.  The second visit, is to assess the progress you have made so far and to make any changes needed.  The third visit will be to put the final touches on your own individualized program.  After all we are each and everyone of unique.
The cost for this three visit wellness package is $300.

Understanding your Blood Work
Have you ever gone to a doctor and they suggested you get some blood work done. You go get your blood drawn, they send it off to the lab, it comes back to you and…….. #1) the Doctor tells you that everything is either normal or not. #2) you actually look at it and it is completely Greek to you! You can learn so much from reading a blood panel. While diagnosing is not within my scope of practice, helping you to decode what is on the blood test is another matter.

The cost for reading a blood panel; $50 (the cost of the blood work is not included – but I do have access to a very good lab. Pricing available on request.
Cupboard Detective
Want to know if what you have in your cupboards are good for you.  Together we will explore your pantry and get rid of foods that do not nourish and support your body.
$50 per hour
Cooking Classes
Are you new to cooking and wanting to know how to make healthier foods? Cooking is easy and fun if you know how. Have you just found out that you can’t eat gluten or dairy?  Learning how to cook can save you money.  Rather than eating out all the time why not cook at home?
$50 per hour.  This does not include the cost of the food

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